Photographer Spotlight: Amy Watson Photography

Amy Watson Photography is a husband and wife team. Their business is based in Houston, Texas and they focus on Senior Photography and Wedding Photography. As a famous wedding photographer Houston, Ben and Amy are usually very busy. That’s why we feel so lucky to have the chance for a sit-down interview with them and we talked for hours about photography, inspiration, and life in general.

Photographer Spotlight: Amy Watson Photography

Here are some of the most interesting things I learned about this duo:

  • Can you tell us something about yourself?

Amy: We’re a husband and wife team, we’ve been shooting for a few years now and I think working with your partner is fun.

Ben: Yes, we’ve been working together for quite a while now and what I love most about us doing the same thing is that we can bond while on the job, exchange ideas for the improvement of the shoot. You know, sometimes I feel like this craft is bringing us closer together.

  • How will you describe your style?

Amy: I think our style is more on bringing the natural beauty of our clients by making them feel comfortable during the shoot. Also, it comes down to making all the other elements blend in with the scene, especially the couple’s personalities. For example, if you have a couple who loves the beach very much, it is only fitting to have the shoot on the beach and let them frolic around the water. This setting usually gives us candid, powerful images that capture pure happiness and love.

Ben: I agree. Also, our style is, I think, a combination of photojournalism, you know, telling a story with pictures. Whenever we’re commissioned to do a shoot, it helps to know the couple’s story and try to reflect it on the images that we capture. Also, I love to play around with fashion and I think wardrobe can make or break a shoot.

  • Where do you usually get your inspiration?

Amy: Ben and I have different sources of inspiration, but I think, as a team, we would agree that our biggest source of inspiration is our clients themselves. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of seeing your clients gush about how beautiful they are in the pictures. Also, we always love it when we’re there to capture a very special moment, you know, a proof that true love still exist!

Our clients were the reason why our work has been featured in many publications including national ones. We’ve also won several awards for our work in wedding photography.

Ben: I agree. I think photography can bring out the emotions that a situation evokes, I remember when I saw a Manhattan newborn photographer’s exhibition and I am just taken by the images that was shown, like you would really realize how magical it is to have a newborn in front of you.

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Why Engage the Services of an Expert Photographer

Every child birth is precious to the parents, and this is the most compelling reason why moms and dads, especially first time parents, go for the best New Jersey Newborn Photographer. What can you expect when you hire these experts? You are assured of top quality pictures! This is the most important thing after all. In the first place, are you going to rely on the services of an amateur photographer to take the best shots of your little bundle of joy?

Why Engage the Services of an Expert Photographer

There are many services that these photographers can provider. They can even provide the best photography services for weddings. Professional photographers know the relevance of proper lighting, composition, depth of field, as well as other elements needed when crafting an image. Their artistic vision is among the weapons of professional wedding photographers, in order to make memorable images, and not just snapshots.

Professional Photographers use Professional Equipment

Every professional wedding photographer knows the relevance of using the newest digital SLR equipment. However, it all boils down to the proper and professional way of using it. Nowadays, the equipment used in professional photography boasts a variety and intricate functions that enable photographers to control shutter speed, focal length, aperture, as well as depth of field, in order to compliment every subject that is included in the photo.

Through these features, professional wedding photographer Houston captivates sharp and crisp photos in low light, whether with little or without image degradation. No matter what type of set up you have for your wedding, you can always trust an expert photographer to provide the best output.

Why-Engage-the-Services-of an Expert Photographer

Professional Wedding Photographers Know the Importance of Post Processing Software

This feature alone is enough to reiterate the relevance of hiring a professional wedding photographer. All professional photographers are aware that it is indeed a must to use top-notch post processing software. Through this immense software, professional wedding photographers could efficiently fix the color, make adjustments on the exposure, and wield saturation, hue, distortion, as well as edit the images in order to establish professional look.

The Lighting

What is so amazing about professional wedding photographers is that they know how to use various kinds of light, while making sure that every photo will look naturally. Thus, they know how to add the proper amount of bounce, supplemental, or direct lighting, depending on the kind of light needed on the scene.

The Custom Printing

Once you hire a professional wedding photographer, you can ensure that every photo that is captured is indeed of high quality. Their primary aim is to preserve these images, and this can be done through high end printing. They typically have a custom lab, to ensure that they’ll deliver fine images. When you hire these experts, you will never have to face any issue such as blurry pictures and the like.

This article doesn’t mean to outdo the latest devices that can be used in photography. It only aims to reiterate the talent, color, and vibe that professional wedding photographers can add to the BIG DAY…

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For Great Wedding Pictures Go for Professional Photographers

Since time immemorial people have been fond of photos. Such pieces remind them of the things that used to be. It also reminds them of emotion-filled moments like weddings. The thing is, how many photos actually remind them well of the things that they want to remember? How many shots did it take for that “picture perfect moment” to be taken? How many photos look blurry? If an average person performed the task, then it would have been so laborious for him, he wouldn’t be included in the picture too! That is when Wedding Photographers Denver steps in.


Invaluable Expertise

  • Steady Hands. Ever notice your pictures that look blurry? Yes, your camera might have a stabilizer, but that does not necessarily mean that it will not be an immediate solution to that “blurry picture” problem. With several years of experience, professionals are able to harness their skills and their talents. That allows them to take shots that are clear when developed.
  • Photographer’s reflex. When you’re the one in – charge of taking photos and you have very little skills when it comes to photography, you’ll find it hard to take the picture at the right time. Again, professionals don’t suffer from such issues. They are actually a step ahead when it comes to capturing a great moment; moments that when captured in photos deserve to be placed in exhibits.
  • An extra pair of hands. The bride, groom, bridesmaids, principal sponsors, ring bearers, flower girls cannot take photos during the wedding. A guest cannot do that too. The obvious reason is that apart from the bride and the groom everyone else in attendance should have their pictures taken, May it be as a group or individually. The bride and the groom would want to look at their photos and see the faces of the people who attended that special day. That may be a tiny detail, but it is also one of the reasons why wedding photographers are invaluable during such occasions.
  • Candid pictures. The quality of the work of a professional needs years and years of expertise to reach that certain level. When they attain such expertise they are able to capture images that will look magnificent. That is very important especially if you want to look at your pictures years after they are taken and somewhat relive those moments.
  • As professionals they know what they need to do. They also know when to do their work. Also, wedding photographers know that their shots should match the theme of a wedding. Such specifics are important especially during a pre-wedding photo shoot.

You have a lot of options when you’re looking for wedding photographers. The fees of some are quite reasonable you just need to strike that deal with them. More importantly, you need to check the quality of their work. Ask for a display of the photos that they’ve previously taken. They are professionals so they understand that there are clients that are quite meticulous. So if you’re looking for wedding photographers, great ones at that, try asking for a Raleigh NC Photographer.

For Great Wedding Pictures Go for Professional Photographers

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Things that Set Quality Professional Wedding Photographers Apart from Amateurs

It is quite difficult to spot great professional wedding photographers from amateur photographers. There are a lot of them who will present themselves as good photographers, and determining which one is good enough for the job might be a long process.

Things that Set Quality Professional Wedding Photographers Apart from Amateurs

In order to guide you in finding out which one has the quality of Toronto Wedding Photographers, here are some of the tips:

  • You need to talk to the photographers first and make inquiries. In doing this, you will know if they really are familiar of the job or they are just making stuff up when it comes to how the presented themselves. You will also know if they really know the essentials in coming up with a beautiful wedding photography. Try to ask some technical questions and if they can answer it well, they are qualified for the job.
  • Take a look at their previous photos. This speaks a lot about their quality as photographers. If you love what you see, it means that they really are good photographers. If you sort of doubt the quality of the photos, you might just find someone else to do the job. You don’t want to settle for a photographer whose output is not really that convincing in terms of their work.
  • Quality photographers are well- equipped. They have been in the business for a long time and they know exactly what is needed for the job. If you think they can handle the job and they are prepared with all the necessary items, go ahead and hire them. If they will ask you to provide equipment for them, it only shows how unprepared they are for the job.
  • The price also tells about their quality as photographers. Take note that just because they offer you a high price does not necessarily mean they are of high quality. Some photographers offer a low price for their services since they have lots of clients anyway. If you check out their price package and it is well- organized, it means that they know what they are doing. They know all the necessary details that should be included in doing the price list since they have dealt with it many times already.
  • Their ability to suggest on wedding photo themes and concept is also a good way of telling if they are qualified or not. Some of them will even inspire you to change your wedding venue or your wedding concept with how convincing they are in pushing forward what they want for a wedding photo shoot. However, they still respect your decision as they conduct themselves professionally.

These tips are also applicable to quality infant photography like NYC Newborn Photographer. Now that you know these things, you can easily tell who among the photographers are qualified for the job. If you think they can handle the job well and the price is good enough, go ahead and seal the deal. If not, there are a lot of better options available out there. Try not to hurry up in closing the deal to avoid regret in the end.

Things that Set Quality Professional Wedding Photographers Apart from Amateurs

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A Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding photography is one of the most important components of a wedding. One is never complete without photographers to capture the priceless memories in a wedding. Orange County wedding photographers have a ready checklist on the most important parts of a wedding that should be covered. These important moments should never be missed, that is why they make checklists to see if they have covered every single moment.

A Wedding Photography Checklist


Wedding photography usually starts at the hotel or the home. The photographers captures candid and not-so-candid moments of the bride and her entourage while they are getting made up for the big day. Photographers usually work in teams so the groom and his entourage is also photographed getting ready in another location. The most common photograph taken during this time is the bride sitting by the makeup table, being made up by the makeup artist, and the groom being helped into his tie by his father or one of his entourage. Another is when the bride is going down the stairs. Many nice photographs are taken during this time, with the train of the gown and the veil taking center stage.


During the ceremony is where most of the pictures are taken. It starts when the bride gets out of the bridal car, with the groom waiting by the altar for her, along with his best man. When the bride is positioned to walk down the aisle and while she is walking, more photos are taken at every angle imaginable. The entourage is also taken photos. The exchange of vows, rings and I do’s are still some of the important moments that should never be missed. And the highlight of the whole ceremony is when the bride and groom kiss.


After the wedding ceremony, photo ops with the newlyweds follow, usually starting with the bride and groom only, followed by their parents, and then the whole entourage. When the wedding party moves on to the wedding reception, this is where another round of photos is taken. This is where the most candid ones are taken as the newlyweds, the entourage and the guests have fun and loose. The couple’s first dance is the highlight o the wedding reception, along with the cutting of the cake.

Weddings are one of the special and most memorable occasions in one’s life and they should not be missed to be photographed. Photos are lifetime memories that can be reminisced over and over again in the coming years. Raleigh wedding photographers make sure that wedding photos are taken tastefully, and with the best possible angels to capture the emotions of the moment. If you are planning for your wedding, it is advisable to book a photographer months before the big day. Wedding photographers are so in demand right now so if you want to book your preferred photographer, better do it early so your schedules will match. You can also opt for an engagement photo shoot before you tie the knot to remember your engagement by.

A Wedding Photography Checklist

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How to Delete Photos on Instagram

Instagram, the app that photo enthusiasts from all walks of life have grown to love is one that you cannot seem to ignore even if you want to. You see it everywhere, from social networking sites to people talking about it. Worse, you see friends you’re having dinner with taking pictures of your meal and uploading it on the site. People who use the app seem to be unable to function normally anymore unless they take a photo of what they are doing and uploading it on the Instagram website or link it to their Facebook account.

That’s how big of an app Instagram is. However, there may be certain instances that you regret uploading a certain photo. You could have made a mistake with the photo of your choice, taken a drunken picture the night before and unwittingly uploaded it while not in the most sober of situations. But, fear not! You can actually learn how to delete photos on Instagram and it can be done in very few easy steps.

No longer will you live in fear that an ugly photo you have uploaded or an incriminating image of you will loom on the Internet. By deleting your post on Instagram, you don’t need to look back in shame anymore.  Well, like all social networking sites, the very first step you need to take in deleting photos you have uploaded on Instagram is to sign in to your account. Once you have accomplished that, you will then proceed to tap the icon on the lower right corner of your screen which is called the “Navigation” tab. This of course allows you to navigate your personal account and gain you access to your photos.

Then, once you are in, you will be able to see every post you have made until the last one you uploaded. Search for the photo you would like to delete and once you have found it, tap on the image to get a full view of the post. In the lower right portion of your screen, you will see three dots in an icon. Tap that as it is the options menu and opening it will show you other things you can do with your post. You can share it, copy the URL or e-mail the photo. Most of all, this will give you the option to delete the photo and it is the very first thing you will see in this menu, highlighted in red.

Tap the “delete” button and you will be asked for a confirmation that you want to delete the photo permanently. Click the “delete” button or if you change your mind or would like to stall for now, tap the “don’t delete” button.  That is the fast and simple process of removing regrettable photos on Instagram that you would like no one to ever see again.

Did you know that you buy followers on Instagram? You no longer have to ask people to follow you or find ones who would be interested in things you will be posting. Once you buy Instagram followers, you can be rest assured that a lot of people will be able to catch the posts that you make.

Get 500 Instagram Followers

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Still Shots of “The Time of Your Lives”

Still Shots of “The Time of Your Lives”

Seal your wedding vow with a kiss and capture the moment with Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Wedding Photography.

The Importance of a Good Wedding Photographer

While there are a lot of things to consider before your wedding to ensure that everything is as perfect as can be, your photographs are very precious. These photos are what you will be keeping for a long, long time, souvenirs of a very special day in your life. You will however not really know how they will come out until after the event is over. This is why it is extremely important that the wedding photographer you decide to go with on your wedding day must be someone you completely trust. Researching carefully is a must. After all, a wedding happens only once in your life, and you must ensure that all of those memories are captured perfectly and depict everything you want them to be. These are a few reasons why you should be extra meticulous when it comes to picking out your wedding photographer.

  • Your wedding photos are precious mementos. Generally, couples will want to sit down after their wedding day is over and relive their special day. They will also want to share them with family and friends, pictures taken prior to the wedding and the day itself. If you have not taken the time to choose your photographer carefully, you may very well end up with poor quality photographs, and this is something that you definitely would not be happy about. There are no second chances for this, so make sure you get it right.
  • No matter what preparations you have made prior to your wedding or the amount of money you have spent to make it perfect, your wedding photographs will still say a lot about the choices you made. It would really be a shame to have the most beautiful wedding, yet have sub-quality photographs to include in your wedding album.
  • Trying to cut corners or save some money by getting a non-professional to take your wedding pictures almost always ends up in a disaster. If you do your research right, you can avail of good rates from professional photographers who are able to present quality work and offer reasonable prices for their service, such as Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Wedding Photography. While well-meaning relatives and friends may offer to take photographs of your wedding for free, never take the chance. Your wedding photographs are priceless and you need a professional to take them for you.
  • If you are completely sure about your wedding photographer, you need not worry needlessly about how your wedding photos will come out. You can simply enjoy your special day knowing that your photographer can handle capturing all of those very significant moments for you.

Your wedding day is very special so make sure that choosing your wedding photographer is a priority. Do your research well and you will have beautiful wedding photographs that will keep you reliving your beautiful memories together.


The Standard Wedding and Event group is based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and specializes not only in photography, but in DJ entertainment as well. Apart from this, they also provide added amenities to make any event more memorable, such as decor lighting, among others. What makes them a cut above the rest are the great prices they offer their clients, while giving the best service ever. This means that you get great value for your money and enjoy quality services that only professionals in the field can provide for. Visit their studio at 3945 Forbes Avenue, Suite 468 in Pittsburgh, PA 15213 and have a glimpse of what you can expect for your own special event.


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